Things Will Not Make You Happy

Start living more fully by releasing the desire to buy possessions.

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There was so much stuff. I focused on the important boxes first- kitchen, bathroom, clothes and home decor. I got through most of them, but got lazy when I started to open boxes and see things that weren’t critical to my daily life. I shelved them in the garage cabinets.

From Christmas- FIVE months earlier.

These were things that people had taken time to buy and wrap and give to me, that were now sitting in a bag in the closet. I felt bad. I did my best to take everything out and use it or display it or at least appreciate it in some way. But in time, most of those things got re-gifted, donated or found their way to a coveted spot in the junk drawer.

Photo by Chris Moore on Unsplash

It turned out that those memories were more valuable than any gift I could have ever received.

One year I left my friend’s brand new camera in the back of a cab, after telling her I would be careful with it. (Whoops!) Another time I caught one of my friends about to pee on the luggage rack in the hotel closet at 2:00 in the morning. (Crisis averted- I caught her and told her to “go towards the light” of the bathroom, and she did).

Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

I emptied every drawer and cabinet in my house and donated or sold everything.

And those boxes I stashed in the garage cabinets when I moved in seven years earlier? Still there, filled with things. Things I hadn’t seen or touched in over a decade. The amount of possessions I had accumulated over my life was quite astonishing. I got rid of just about everything.

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